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Lets Modular Soft Seating

Designed by Gabriel Teixido, Lets modular soft seating systems by Airport Seating Alliance offers numerous configurations allowing for customization and easy arrangement. These pieces combine with one another to create spaces for resting, collaboration, and informal meeting whilst providing a high degree of comfort.  The reconfiguration proces is simple and no tools are required.


The seat modules are configurable and can be assembled together with pieces that once placed in the seat structure, allow reconfiguration without tools.


Seat structure is made of solid wood combined with particle board and covered with high polyurethane foam to add strength.  High density molded foam cushions are to preserve shape in high traffic locations.


Modular armrest can be added at any location. Optional finishes and colors available.


11mm solid steel rod support with or without floor glides.  Color options are polar white or matt black.


  • 4 basic shapes create unlimited configurations
  • Fabric or Vinyl Cushions, color options available
  • Free standing legs with or without glides
  • Metal finishes: black (standard), or polar white
  • All metal 100% recyclable

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