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Privacy Soft Seating

Designed by Favaretto and Partners, Privacy by Airport Seating Alliance is a sofa that stands out in today's environment for its aesthetics suitable for open spaces, and offers a private space to rest, work, and collaborate in a safe, peaceful, and private setting.  With the added back and side panels, the Privacy sofa becomes a protected place surrounded by soundproofed panels covered in coordinated fabric for a more secluded working environment in a public setting.  Privacy is a perfect solution in a COVID world.


Privacy sofa is available for one or two people with a 4-leg tubular steel frame with the option of chrome, black, or white painted finish.


The internal structure of the seat, backrest, and armrests are made of plywood panels.  The padding is in flexible polyurethane and the fabric upholstery can be single or with a combination of colors.  A memory foam layer is added to the seat padding to increase comfort.  Fabric is commercial grade with an assortment of color options.


  • Sofa: single or two-seat 
  • Privacy: option to include back and side panels
  • Fabric upholstery, color options available
  • Metal finishes: chrome, black, or white finish
  • All metal 100% recyclable

Privacy Dimensions (mm)

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