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Stainless Steel Seating

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Stainless Steel beam seating by Airport Seating Alliance is simple, clean and allows for quick setup and easy arrangement. Benches are designed for it appeal, durability, and are to be used indoors. Perfect for low traffic locations such as laundromats, parks & recreation centers, office buildings, and many more. The Stainless Steel bench is easy to clean and low maintenance. INDOOR ONLY


Support beam is heavy gauge steel allows for easy attachment of legs. Standard frame finish is black using a electrostatic power coating.


The seat is a perforated stainless steel with rounded edges for comfort and safety. Standard color is brushed stainless steel.

Arms & Legs

Polished Stainless Steel arms & legs allow for easy attachment. Adjustable glides allow for leveling.


Tabletops are perforated stainless steel to match seats and can be configured on 2, 3, 4-seat units in the place of any seat.  Standard color is brushed stainless steel.


  • Available as 2, 3, 4, 5-seat units
  • Heavy duty, zinc coated hardware
  • Floor mounting
  • All metal is 100% Recyclable
  • In Stock: (limited quantities)

Stainless Steel Dimensions

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