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Kea Soft Seating

Airport Seating Alliance features Kea's single armchair, two-seater, or three-seater sofa's are characterized by a simple, linear, and welcoming design that is ideal for any public waiting area including airports, lounges, doctors offices, and more.  Kea represents a stylish, effective and always up to date solution and makes waiting pleasant, comfortable, and responds perfectly to the need to welcome travelers, customers, and guests.


A characteristic element of the Kea series is the steel tube cage which surrounds the upholstered sofa, acting as a support but also as an aesthetic embellishment for an innovative, minimalist, and elegant line.  Frame colors include chromed or black lacquer painted metal with self leveling feet.


Comfort is guaranteed by the soft polyurethane foam padding with a multilayered wood internal structure and a fabric, leather, or commercial grade vinyl upholstery.  Accurate stitching emphasizes the details and quality of the seat.


  • Single armchair, two-seat sofa, three-seat sofa
  • Fabric, Leather or Vinyl Cushions, color options available
  • Free standing legs with self leveling feet
  • Metal finishes: black, or chrome tube frame
  • All metal 100% recyclable

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